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Window Fit & Dimensions

Confirm that July will work for your particular set-up.

What type of window do I need for July?

July works with single- or double-hung windows (that open vertically) or slider windows (that open horizontally). Learn more.

What are the width and height requirements of my window?

Find out what the minimum and maximum window dimensions are for July.

What if my window is extra wide?

Even if your window is wider than our specifications, you can still use July. Find out how.

What are the dimensions of July?

See the dimensions of our Small and Medium units.

Does July work in slider windows (that open horizontally?)

Short answer: yes! We've got an adapter kit for purchase that can allow July to fit into slider windows. Learn more.

Does July work with through-the-wall installations?

Short answer: not yet, but we're working on it. Learn more.

Does July work with casement windows (that open out or in?)

Short answer: not without some customization on your end. Learn more.

What do I do if my window has safety bars outside?

In most cases, it should. Read about the dimensions you'll need to check first.

How much clearance do I need around the inside of the window?

Find out how much clearance you need inside your home around the window.