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What if my window is extra wide?Updated a year ago

July's extendable side wings will fit windows with a width up to 39" - that's wider than any other window A/C of our size on the market today. If your window is wider than 39", you'll need to get a custom installation, just like you would with any other window A/C. 

To do so, you'll want to find a handyman with experience with installing window A/Cs. Most handymen with window A/C experience will know how to do this installation. 

The handyman will measure your window and then cut a sheet of transparent plexiglass (or white acrylic, if you prefer) to cover the gap. They'll use a silicone to block the gaps, and you're all set. 

This is a pretty common situation, so it won't be difficult for an experienced handyman to take care of quickly. 

If you want more details or need help, email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist. 

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