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About the July A/C

For questions about the July A/C itself.

Choosing your A/C Size

The Small or the Medium?

3 articles
Window Fit & Dimensions

Confirm that July will work for your particular set-up.

9 articles
July Out-of-the-Box

July comes with what you need to install it into your window. Find out more.

2 articles
Safety & Security

Find out why July is the safest A/Cs to install (and most secure, too).

4 articles
WiFi Capabilities

Everything you need to know about July's WiFi connectivity.

6 articles
July Features

The features that make us *cooler* than the rest.

6 articles
Warranty & Trial Period

Get the deets on how we give you peace of mind when you buy a July.

3 articles
Electrical Requirements

For questions about whether July will work with your home and outlets.

3 articles