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Setting up your Control Panel

What do all these buttons do 101.

How do the July settings work?

You can adjust the temperature, fan speed, mode, and program settings for your July to achieve any airflow you want in your space. You may adjust your settings on your A/C control panel, through your July app, or with your Remote Control. We recommen

What does Cool Mode do?

In Cool Mode, you July will cool your room and work to reduce humidity simultaneously. The July will pull the air from inside your room, filter it, and then cool it to the temperature you've selected.Keep in mind, the temperature sensor is inside of

What does Eco Mode do?

In Eco mode, your A/C will regulate your room's temperature according to the temperature you select. In Eco, you'll notice the July turn on and off.  This is the compressor and fan motor running in alternating cycles to help save energy and reduce yo

What does Dry Mode do?

Dry Mode works to reduce the humidity of the air in your space. Your July will cycle between circulating cool air and uncooled air. You cannot adjust the temperature or fan speed on this setting - the July will auto regulate.We recommend using this s

What does Auto Mode do?

In Auto Mode, you July automatically chooses the Fan Speed and mode of operation (Cool, Dry, or Fan) in order to maintain the temperature of the room at its current level. Room temperature is determined by the sensor inside the July unit itself. When

What does Fan Mode do?

Fan Mode will circulate uncooled air at the current temperature to create airflow in your space. You are able to set Fan Speed to High, Medium, or Low as desired.

What does the Sleep Mode do?

When the Sleep setting active, your July will automatically adjust the temperature to become gradually warmer throughout the night. The set temperature will automatically raise by 1° every 30-60 minutes.If you like it cold when you sleep, you can ign

How do I set up a timer for my A/C?

You can set up a timer program to schedule your July to automatically turn on or off, at your preferred schedule. To set your timer, press the Timer button on your Remote control while your A/C is on. The digital control panel on your July unit will

What temperature should I set my July to?

Your July will produce cold air to match the temperature that you set on your July. Keep in mind, the temperature sensor is located inside your July unit, so to cool the entire room, we recommend setting the temperature on the unit a bit lower than y