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How to care for your July unit.

How do I care for my July A/C?

Your July is pretty easy to care for! If you're using some of our upgraded filters, make sure to change them every month to keep your July running smoothly. At the end of the cooling season, you should clean the exterior of the unit with a damp cloth

How do I clean the July AC?

We recommend wiping down the frame and exterior cabinet of the July with a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt and debris that has accumulated. You may do this as necessary or at the end of the cooling season :)*Please refrain from attempting to cle

Do I need to clean the inside of the July AC?

No! Seriously, please do not attempt to clean any internal part of your July. It is completely unnecessary, and it can lead to injury or damage the internal components.

Can I use my July during the winter months?

While it is safe for your July to be left in the window year-round, like all A/Cs, it is not designed to work in outside temperatures lower than 40°F. Running your July in these temperatures can cause internal components to freeze and can cause ice c

Can I leave my July in the window year-round?

You can absolutely leave your July in the window year-round. We offer installation add-ons to provide additional layering on your July frame, as well as our Winter Cover to better insulate your unit and eliminate draft. You can shop our Accessories t

What should I do with my July during the winter?

This really depends on your preference! Your July is designed to be able to stay in your window year-round. If you choose to leave it, you'll want to wipe the exterior (only) to remove excess dirt and debris and maybe use an exterior winter cover to

How should I prepare to store my July for the winter?

A note before we start deinstallation: this isn't required. You can leave your July in year-round, if that works better for you!

Should I drain the water from my AC?

Over the course of regular use, your July will collect water in the exterior cabinet. This is completely normal for all window A/Cs and is a result of the evaporation process. While this can be beneficial to your July's efficiency, you may want to dr