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How should I prepare to store my July for the winter?Updated 2 years ago

A note before we start deinstallation: this isn't required. You can leave your July in year-round, if that works better for you!

  1. To get started, we recommend turning off and removing the drain plug from the exterior left side of your July to help get rid of any excess water. Let this drain for 10 minutes. 
  2. After, we recommend placing an old towel down around the window area you're working in. All A/C units generate water condensation while in use, so this precaution helps protect your floor should some additional water leak out. 
  3. With your hand, feel for the large button underneath the front center of July. Press the button in until you hear the July release.
  4. Pull the July into your home through the slot and set it down on the floor on top of the towel you placed down.
  5. To remove the frame, you can unhook the curtains by pushing gently on the white tabs. They will auto retract. If you’ve got any of our accessories attached to your side panels, you can skip this step. They can remain attached.
  6. Then, use a screwdriver or power drill to remove the three screws from the top of the frame, if the screws are present.
  7. You should now be able to bring the installation frame in. You can store the frame however you like. We recommend pushing the wings in but leaving them attached, so that it is more compact. If you’ve got accessories attached to the frame that won’t allow you to push them in, you can leave the frame intact, as is.
Following these steps will allow you to get your July out of the window quickly and safely. If you have trouble at any point, let us know - [email protected].
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