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Setting up your July WiFi

Getting your WiFi up and running 101.

What does the WiFi capability do?

With July's WiFi connectivity, you can control your July from our app, available for Android or Apple iOS devices. The July app allows you to adjust your temperature, timer, and settings direct from your mobile device. You can also connect July to yo

Do I need WiFi or a smartphone to use July?

Our app is not required to work your July, but it is one of the many options you get to control July your way. You can adjust the settings from the on-device display panel, the remote control, or from your Android or iOS smartphone if you download th

How do I connect my July to the app?

Once your July app is installed and your WiFi is ready to go:1. Open your app and click 'Add Device'.2. Click 'Add Manually'.3. Select 'July 2022 Model'.4. The app will then prompt you to input your WiFi info. Please remember that only a 2.4GHz WiFi

How do I connect my July to Amazon Alexa?

Once your July is synced to your App, it's an easy process:1. Go to the Alexa app2. Go to Skills & Games3. Search for the July A/C skill4. Click on "Enable to Use"5. Link your July app account to Alexa6. Follow the instructions in the Alexa app to di

How do I connect my July to Google Home?

Once your July is synced to your App, it's an easy process:1. Go to the Google Home or Google Assistant app2. Click on the plus icon to add a device3. Click on "Set up a device"4. Click on "Works with Google"4. Search for "July A/C" and click on it5.

How do multiple people control July through the app?

Multiple people in your household can control July with their own July app accounts. Here's how to do it:1. The first person must download the July app and connect the July device. 2. Then, have the other members of the household create their own acc

Can I connect to July on a 5G WiFi network?

The July is only compatible with a 2.4GhZ connection. While we all love a good 5G network, 2.4G seems to be more reliable for devices like the July!