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How do I connect my July to the app?Updated 2 years ago

Once your July app is installed and your WiFi is ready to go:

1. Open your app and click 'Add Device'.
2. Click 'Add Manually'.
3. Select 'July 2022 Model'.
4. The app will then prompt you to input your WiFi info. Please remember that only a 2.4GHz WiFi connection is compatible.
5. Press the display button on your remote 6 times in quick succession. Every press should produce a beep!
5. After the 6th press, wait one minute. The unit should then beep twice, and, within a minute, the screen will flash either 'AP' or 'CF'. If it flashes 'CF', simply press the display button 6 times again and wait for it to flash 'AP'. 
6. Once it does, check the box in the app that confirms the unit has flashed 'AP'.
7. Lastly, go to your phone's WiFi settings and select the network that begins with 'SmartLife'. Once connected, return to the app.
8. The unit will automatically pair, and you're all set!

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