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Installing your July Accessories

Setting up your July Accessories 101.

Installing your Drip Cushion

Here's our tutorial for setting up your drip cushion:.

Installing your Drain Tube

Installing your Drain Tube is a breeze. Here's proof:.

Installing your Upgraded Filters

Your July filter is installed by removing your magnetic Front Cover and inserting your desired filter into the open cartridge frame of the A/C unit. You will see an area behind tabs where you can insert your filter. Replace your front cover and conti

Installing your Side Panel Kit

Our Side Panel Kit is a breeze to install.1. To begin, ensure that the left and right panel match up with your wings before removing the film. 2. Afterwards, remove the brown film from both sides of your panel. Note, the backside of the panel will ha

Installing your Insulation Kit

Installing your Insulation Kit is easy. In our most recent A/C models, your Side Wings will come with a built-in ruler in the frame. Simply read the measure from the Wing, and then cut down along the corresponding line imprinted on your insulation pa

Installing your Front Cover

Your Front Cover attaches magnetically to the front frame of your A/C unit. Simply align your Front Cover to the edges of the undercarriage, and your Front Cover will snap right on magnetically.You can remove your front cover any time to access the f

Installing your Winter Cover

The July Winter Cover has an elastic band around the edge and is crafted to fit the front of your A/C. Simply stretch it around the front of your July, and you're all set!