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Installing your Side Panel KitUpdated 2 years ago

Our Side Panel Kit is a breeze to install.

1. To begin, ensure that the left and right panel match up with your wings before removing the film. 
2. Afterwards, remove the brown film from both sides of your panel. Note, the backside of the panel will have adhesive along three of the edges. 
3. Apply one gummy edge to the non-adhesive side of your panel right between the top and bottom adhesive. This will create a complete seal for your July. Do this for each panel.
4. Once both panels are ready, apply each to the July frame with the gummy edge closest to the center frame ensuring the panel is evenly covering the top and bottom of your frame (so the adhesive has enough room to do its job!). 
5. Voila! You're all set.

If you're a visual learner, we have installation tutorial for our Plexiglass Kit and Solid Side Panel Kit below:

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