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My A/C is making loud noises.Updated 2 years ago

All window A/Cs make a variety of noises that depend on the settings, the installation, and the environmental conditions outside. It's typical for an A/C unit to make a low hum while operating. The unit may also make noise while alternating between cycles, and noise may be elevated due to both water build-up, as well as saturated filters. 

In most cases, inconsistent noises will resolve themselves after a few days. If the noise persists, you can remove the drain plug located at the rear left of your A/C to drain any water buildup out. Please remember to reinsert the drain plug once complete!

We recommend washing your standard filter monthly (with lukewarm water) and replacing your upgraded filters, if applicable, to ensure an even and unobstructed air flow. 

If you think there's a noise that's not normal, get in touch at [email protected] with your order number and a video of your July running for further assistance!

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