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My A/C is dripping water.Updated 2 years ago

As a note, it's helpful to know that all A/C units do produce water as a byproduct of the evaporation and condensation process. In fact, the water build-up helps with cooling efficiency! It is completely normal to have water build-up in the bottom of the A/C, and this can create occasional dripping.
However, if you feel that dripping is excessive, we can get that looked into. Every July comes equipped with a drain plug at the rear left side of the unit. Check to see if your drain plug is installed correctly. You can do so by retracting your left side curtain. 

Here are a couple of reference photos to help you identify if anything is missing from your drain system. 

If something is missing, no worries! Let us know at [email protected] with your order number and a photo of your drain plug. If it looks normal, but you feel that the unit is still acting a little weird, let us know with the same information above :)

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