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Installing your July Unit

Installing your July A/C 101.

Unboxing your July A/C

Our box is designed with Corro clips for ease of opening and repackaging when needed. To open your July box, you'll want to remove each of the Corro clips (2 on the left and right sides of the box) by pulling the small plastic latch. The clip will op

Installing your July A/C

We're visual learners at July, so here's our installation tutorial :). If you're more of an owner's manual person, click here. Head's up! The owner's manual is a post-purchase tool. Don't use it to decide on your purchase, as there are a few items th

Do I need to screw my July frame into the window?

Yes! We highly recommend using the screws provided to secure your July to the window frame. With that being said, if you've found other ways to safely and securely install other window A/Cs, the July should work in the same way.

How do I install my extra Bracket?

The bracket must be drilled in to the exterior of your window frame and a kickstand will interface against the exterior wall. The bracket must be installed prior to putting your window A/C into the window. All the hardware required for installation i

Setting up your Drain Plug

Visuals speak louder than words...

Setting up your Cable Clips

Here's our installation tutorial:.

Setting up your Remote Control

Wanna get to know your remote more? Watch our tutorial:.

July A/C Installation Video Tutorial