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Everything you need to know about your Filters.


How do I install my filter?

Your July filter is installed by removing your magnetic Front Cover and inserting your desired filter into the open cartridge frame of the A/C unit. You will see an area behind tabs where you can insert your filter. Replace your front cover and conti

How do I know when I should I replace my filter?

If you're using our Standard Filter, we recommend hand washing it with warm water every month. This will help keep it clean and remove any dust and debris it captured.Both our advanced filters (Air Purifying Sky Filter and Carbon Activated Filter) wi

Should I use both my upgraded Filter with the Standard Filter at the same time?

The July unit is intended to hold only 1 filter at any given time. We strongly recommend having a filter in at all times, in order to protect the internal components of your A/C unit from any large debris that could interfere with its components. Whe