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Troubleshooting your Accessories 101.

My Front Cover won't stay on.

We apologize that you're having an issue with your Front Cover. Please send an email to [email protected] with your order number and any relevant information, and we'll resolve this for you!

My Side Panel Kit keeps falling off.

We have designed our Side Panel Kits with ease of install and de-install in mind. To remove or re-install the panel from your frame, simply peel the insert from the inside of the frame and then re-stick to the July frame in the new window. If the adh

I need help with a broken remote control.

If your remote control stops working during the first year after purchase, you may be eligible for a replacement under your 1-year warranty. Please contact us at [email protected] to see if this may be applicable for you!Otherwise, we offer replacement

What batteries does the July remote need?

The July Remote Control requires two AAA batteries, which will arrive in your original packaging when your July ships to you! After those run out, you can replace them with any high-quality AAA batteries you may have access to.

I lost my remote. Can I get a new one?

Unfortunately, losing a Remote Control is not covered in our 1-year warranty on the A/C unit. We offer replacement Remote Controls for purchase on the July website, found here.