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How can I customize my July?

July A/Cs are designed to be easily customizable, no matter your tastes. Our product assortment enables you to customize your A/C to your window and home as you wish. From our premium interchangeable Front Covers, to our custom installation accessori

How does the July installation frame work?

The July installation frame is a patented design that makes your A/C install safer, easier, and quicker than with traditional models. The July frame fits into vertical, single or double hung windows that are 21-39" wide. The frame sits within your wi

Do I need a bracket?

Every July comes with our patented installation frame that makes window installation safer than ever before. Our patented frame allows you to secure the July frame into place in your window before lifting the A/C into the frame itself. This makes the

What are the Standard Side Wings like?

The July frame includes our standard fabric side curtains. These side curtains are made of a waterproof vinyl fabric, which can be rolled to your required length, like a blind.If you're looking for a tighter seal from the elements, check out our Side

What are the options for upgrading my side wings?

All July units come standard with waterproof, fabric side curtains for a sleek and minimalist look. However, if you're looking for a more premium installation, we have a couple of options.Our Plexiglass Side Panels are transparent panels that create

Can the Front Cover be used with any July model?

The 2020-2021 model of the July A/C has the same Front Cover, in both Small and Medium.Our 2022 model has an updated Front Cover, on both the Small and Medium units.When purchasing a July, it will come with the matching Front Cover. However, if you w

What is the difference between the Standard Filter and the Upgraded Filters?

The Standard Filter comes with every July and is intended to protect the internal components of your July from large pieces of dust or debris that may circulate in your air. We offer two varieties of upgraded air filtering options: our Air Purifying

What does the Insulating Winter Cover do?

Any window A/C, if kept installed through the colder months, will allow a draft to come through. If you're leaving your July in the window over the winter, to keep your home cozy and warm, we've created our Winter Cover to stretch around the front of