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What's July's origin story?Updated a year ago

July was formed, like so many other exciting companies, out of the belief that there must be a better way. When you live in New York City, there’s almost no getting around having to deal with a window A/C at some point. And the traditional products - and experience - make for a tiring and frustrating experience. It’s as if they were never designed with the actual user in mind.

So, I wanted to do something about that. Leveraging my family’s deep expertise in manufacturing appliances for over 70 years, July was born. A beautiful product, easy to install, customizable to your aesthetic, and with a reduced carbon footprint. It really was as simple as listening to the people who knew best: our customers.

So, when the heat rolls around, the frustration will be gone. Instead of worrying about how to get your A/C into the window, you can embrace the joys that only summer can bring.

Want to learn more about how we got started? Click here.

- Muhammad Saigol, Founder & CEO

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