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How does July compare to other A/C brands?Updated a year ago

July was founded with the explicit goal of improving both the product and experience of the traditional window A/C, so our unit is distinct from other brands in several ways. 

  • July has a one-of-a-kind patented installation frame that makes installation safer, quicker and easier than traditional A/C units - as measured in a time study against leading brands.

  • July has re-imagined what the window A/C can look like, taking it from an ugly appliance that you have no choice but to put in your window, to a beautiful decor object that can be customized to match your style. 

  • Instead of the clunky accordion wings of traditional A/Cs, July features sleek white side curtains (with several upgrade options too). 

  • July uses cutting-edge R32 coolant technology, which reduces carbon emissions by over 66% and electricity consumption by 10% when compared to A/Cs using the most common refrigerant. 

  • Our product assortment enables you to customize your A/C to your window and home as you wish. From our premium interchangeable Front Covers, to our custom installation accessories, your July can be a part of your interior design, rather than an eyesore in your window.

See the product for yourself here.

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